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Arisia '08 "LJ and Community" Panel LJ Community


Arisia '08 LJ and Community Panel LJ Community

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V. atalanta
This is the LJ comm for the "Livejournal and the Nature of Community" panel at Arisia '08. (Sunday, 2pm in room "Mollly Pitcher").

From the program description:
LJ has risen above all of the other blogging sites, to become the site of choice. Why? Community -- a sense of community tht was built into LJ, that the other sites don't have the programming to accomodate. And as LJ grew, the community has grown as well, with thousands of mini-communities. How is LJ your community?

This community is being maintained and moderated by the panelists [well, it will be as soon as we convince LJ to cough up the last moderator invite email!]

  • So, are there any virtual member of this panel?

    FYI - I am sitting in the room at Arisia right now. How odd to be here both virtually and literally?
    • I'm here both ways too!

      Okay, reading and listening at the same time I can manage.

      Reading and listening and posting... overload! overload!
    • Yo! Sorry for the delay! Yep!
  • Interesting panel. We'll have to do it again next year. =)
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